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Our Vision of St Mabyn Church

What are we about here in St Mabyn? St Mabyn Church is a place of Celtic Spirituality—where it is easier to know that God is especially near and to feel free from other demands . Many people understand this idea and come into this church for solitude and peace in times of need. We know very little about St Mabena other than she lived here and shared her faith in Jesus and for that she  is remembered.

And here we are, centuries later, seeking to carry on the business of following and sharing the Good News of Jesus.
We are not all the same but we are challenged to love everyone around us with the same degree of compassion that Jesus had and try hard to help people understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and start to follow him as well.

(Oh by the way – we don’t think we’re that good at all of this yet but part of our mission is to get better!) Our Vision is for a church which is steeped in prayer and open to God's Spirit and together we will seek to grow and enjoy our life in Christ.

The aim or outlook of St Mabyn Church IS CAPTURED  in the words of the song by Stu Townend -- Vagabonds. It is certainly a real challenge to live up to the sentiments expressed here.
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Doing Church Differently

Under the guidance of Canon Dave Elkington the vision of St Mabyn Church is to grow from the ground up.
This was very apparent at the PCC meeting held on Saturday 12/9/15
The time when a Village Church had It's own full time Vicar has gone and it is now the responsibility of all of the congregation to play a greater role in worship and pastoral care. This is now happening with people within the Church accepting this challenge to grow and not expecting the Vicar to do everything.
This can be seen in a number of actions:

The music group now plays an integral part in prayer and worship at each service. Recently 7 people have been trained to lead different aspects of worship.

In the near future there will be similar training for a Pastoral Care team