St Mabyn Church...FAQs


Why might I go to church? To worship God who is the source and origin of everything that exists and to pray with other, like-minded people.
What is distinctive about the Christian Church? Christians believe that in Jesus Christ God has spoken uniquely to the world and that in Jesus God has offered salvation to all who come to him in faith.
What would I expect to find at a church service at St Mabyn? Hymns (some accompanied by organ, some by music group), prayers, readings from the Bible, a sermon (short talk with teaching on the readings). Sometimes (usually twice a month) the service will be Holy Communion, when bread and wine are brought to the altar, consecrated and shared among the worshippers.
How long does a service last? Usually about 45 minutes-an hour.
Will there be refreshments? We often serve light refreshments at the back of the church on a Sunday immediately after the service.
Where can I find out more about Jesus? The best place is in the Holy Bible, the sacred book for Christians. More specifically in the Four Gospels, the first four books of the New Testament, semi-biographical accounts of the life of Jesus and written during the 1st century AD.
Where might I find more information about the wider Church and suggestions for prayer? The best place is the Church of England website
Whom should I contact if I want to discuss any of this in person? Our priest-in-charge, The Revd David Seymour, email, phone 01208 850088.